40 hours for 40 acres™ boot camp overview [Video]

 In Coaching, Future of Work

40 hours for 40 acres™ (40 for 40) is a 6-week boot camp to help Black women build the strategy, plan, and assets to increase fulfillment and results in their careers. I started 40 for 40 after speaking with countless highly capable and accomplished Black women who were also seeking solutions to being underpromoted, underpaid, overworked, or generally unfulfilled in their careers. After completing the last boot camp, participants went on to earn promotions, negotiate raises, and/or start their own companies using insights and assets from our work together. 

Check out this short video for more about 40 for 40 and what you can expect from the program. You can also visit 40hoursfor40acres.com to register for the next boot camp that starts in March 2023!

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