40 for 40 bootcamp

The 40 hours for 40 acres BootCamp (40 for 40) is a 4-week program to build a strategy, plan, and timeline to leave or work more sustainably in your job.

Why the BootCamp exists:

I envision a future labor market that honors the time, talents, and humanity of historically under-represented employees. Sadly, that is not the reality today.

Until workplaces live up to DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) values so Black people can work fairly and safely, we will build alternate pathways to financial security while limiting our exposure to toxic workplaces.


Why the focus on Black women:

There are multiple factors that make Black women’s experiences in the workplace different from their counterparts. This bootcamp centers the Black woman experience in its methodology, recognizing that:

  • All our lives, we had to fight. Black women remain among the lowest paid and least wealthy groups in the US, making job transitions financially risky 
  • These jobs ain’t loyal. Black women do the work (i.e., high rates of educational attainment), but have poor experiences and outcomes in the current workplace
  • We all we got. DEIB support for employees is immature, aspirational, or non-existent, leaving under-represented employees to endure systemic trauma and build exit pathways in silos – until now. 


The four-week BootCamp includes:

  • 1:1 weekly coaching sessions to build your exit strategy 
  • A personalized plan and checklist to move from your current position and into something more aligned with your personal and financial goals
  • Discreet access to group sessions with experts on topics like healing from workplace trauma, knowing your workers’ rights, and readying your finances for what’s ahead
  • Access to templates and resources to use even after the bootcamp



$500 Introductory price (WILL increase with future cohorts)

Yes, you read that correctly. While other coaching programs cost anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, I am keeping this accessible by focusing on the most important things needed for your transition. 

Given its high-touch nature, there are a limited number of spaces available in the program. In other words, this bootcamp will sell out! 

Take advantage of this early LOW pricing while it lasts!

But, what if I still can’t afford it?

First, ask yourself how much it’s worth to reclaim your time, energy, or future from your current work situation? Then compare that to the price of this bootcamp. Chances are that you can’t afford NOT to make this investment to regain control of your life and career. 

If the price is still out of reach, there will be a limited number of scholarships offered for women interested in, but unable to afford, the program. To be notified about the application process when it becomes available, fill out this contact form and put ’40 for 40 Scholarship’ in the subject line. More information will be shared in the coming weeks. 


How else can I support the cause? 


Gift a Membership 

Sadly, most of us can think of at least a few talented Black women in our networks who are stuck in poor work situations. Perhaps it’s your friend who always complains about her boss in the group chat? Or that coworker who keeps taking the hits and being passed over with grace – though they shouldn’t have to. Invest in their future and liberation by purchasing a coaching slot. Don’t worry – we’ll notify them and coordinate sign-up details.



Generous donations (PayPal, Venmo) from our community and allies help support our operations and (non-gifted) scholarships. Consider donating today in recognition of #Juneteenth and the continued fight for freedom and liberation in all forms. Please note any donations are not tax-deductible at this time.

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