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If you are a mid-career professional woman interested in a career change, then this coaching package is for you!

Were you recently laid off or is a layoff imminent?

Are you ready to change roles but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to get paid more in your current job?

The Spring Forward Coaching Package includes:

  • Four (4) coaching sessions to clarify your values, goals, and next steps
  • Practical resources and exercises to evaluate your options and build the tools for your transition (e.g., the job selection e-workbook) 
  • A personalized pitch to communicate how your experiences and strengths lend credibility to your career next steps (all 4 sessions must be completed by April 30th to receive the pitch)

Still unsure if you’re ready for coaching? Book a free consultation before March 31st and see if coaching is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between you (the “client”) and me (the “coach”) to clarify what you want, why it matters, and how to best get there.

You can think of me as a safe (and brave!) space that provides encouragement, thought partnership, and accountability to unlock your potential and unblock what holds you back so that you can reach your goals.


What might a coaching session include?

Coaching varies based on the client’s needs. It can focus on life, career, or a combination of the two. At a high-level, one-on-one coaching involves the below steps. Given the conversational nature of coaching, the steps are not always approached sequentially but the goal is to touch on each step at some point during the session.

  1. Identify session goals – Understand what the client wants to accomplish from coaching
  2. Understand the problem – Gain context on what is happening 
  3. Uncover guiding values and beliefs – Understand why the problem is meaningful to the client and how meeting the goals honor their values. This step also involves identifying and reframing limiting beliefs that undermine the client’s progress.
  4. Explore options – For most clients, this is the majority of the session. Here, we discuss what success might look like and how the potential outcomes align to the client’s values, beliefs, and goals.
  5. Reach a decision – Guide the client as they select which path to pursue.
  6. Gain commitments – Align on tangible next steps the client will take towards their goals.
  7. Reflect – Recap decisions and commitments, with focus on what the client has learned about themselves.