Work with Candace

Candace is a Silicon Valley pro with a track record of making businesses and people more effective, efficient, and adaptable.

What Candace does:

Brand & Go-To-Market Strategy

Brand identity, value proposition, market sizing, customer analysis, competitive advantage, pricing strategy, and more.

Management & Operations

Project management, event management, resource planning, process design and improvement, and more.

Group & 1-on-1 Coaching

Vision and goals setting, prioritization, action and accountability planning, strengths and values assessment, and more.

Public Speaking & Appearances

Facilitator and guest participation in workshops, conferences, panels, podcasts, and more. Includes in-person and virtual events.

Through her company CP Jones Consulting, LLC, Candace partners with visionary individuals, startups, and small businesses to launch new ideas, products, and lines of business. The practice includes business consulting and personal coaching offerings that help clients identify, prioritize, and efficiently drive the right outcomes.


Business Consulting


The business consulting practice spans strategy and operations, and individual engagements are customized to the unique needs of the client. Strategic consulting engagements focus on helping clients nail down “the what” and answer:

  • Vision – Where they are headed and why,
  • Priorities – On which products or services to focus, 
  • Core Competencies – How to win given customer trends and the competitive landscape


Operations engagements build upon strategy to outline “the how” and provide tactical guidance on investments needed in the following areas to achieve their goals:

  • People – Roles, responsibilities, skill sets, and headcounts to execute the strategy
  • Tools and Systems – Technological and operational investments to execute the strategy
  • Process – Activities, touchpoints, and guardrails to ensure the above people, tools, and systems are used effectively and efficiently




The coaching offering includes one-on-one coaching for individuals seeking clarity and action plans for their personal and professional goals, as well as group coaching via targeted boot camps. One such boot camp is the 40 Hours for 40 Acres™ program, which focuses on the experiences and outcomes of Black women in the workplace. The multi-week program combines one-on-one coaching and group workshops to help participants build custom strategies, roadmaps, and assets to improve personal wellness, compensation, and overall satisfaction in how they work.

Ready to work with Candace?

Are you a working professional, startup, small business, or business adjacent? Candace would love to learn about your needs and potential partnership opportunities.