Meet Candace


Candace is a Silicon Valley pro with a track record of delivering brand strategy and operational excellence to help businesses do their best work.

Through her strategy and operations practice, CP Jones Consulting, Candace helps entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses launch new products and lines of business. Her strategies are rooted in “optimization with responsive empathy”, a phrase she coined to describe driving outcomes in sales, adoption, and other key indicators using strategies that also recognize:

Our lives, industries, and markets rapidly change


Even the best people and systems have limits

In addition to consulting, Candace also writes about a range of topics from life hacks to the future of work – often with a comedic twist. The blog draws on her lifelong journey of combining systems thinking and Black ass common sense to deliver results for her clients, community, and self by any means necessary.

Candace holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

She is based in the San Francisco-Bay Area where she lives with her husband and their adorable, yet rebellious plant babies.

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